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BioMedomics COVID-19 IgM/IgG Rapid test

BioMedomics has developed and launched one of the world’s first rapid point-of-care lateral flow immunoassays for the diagnosis of coronavirus infection...

OXFORD BIOSYSTEMS and BIOMEDOMICS™ sign exclusive distribution agreement for UK

Founded in 2007, BioMedomics is a privately-held clinical diagnostics company in North Carolina, USA. Their researchers combine biology, biochemistry and...

Orion Diagnostica announce a change to their company name!

Orion Diagnostica are manufacturers of the UniQ product range, including the PIIINP RIA kit, and the microbiology products Hygicult, Uricult, Easicult...

our suppliers

Our Suppliers help us

Our products are sourced from innovative organizations that have a proven track record in developing and manufacturing diagnostic and research use kits and reagents.

Our Partners Include:


Kits and reagents for the detection of disorders of bone and soft tissue; specific protein and hormone assays; hygiene testing.

Alifax spa

Clinical instrumentation for the analysis of Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) and rapid bacterial culture and identification.

Autoimmun Diagnostika GmbH (AID)

Diagnostic reagents and instruments for image analysis in immunology and infectious diseases.

Biomedica Gruppe

Innovative immunoassays and reagents for cardiovascular disease and bone metabolism

BioMedomics Inc

Multiplexed, point of care products to aid in the diagnosis of blood disorders, including sickle cell disease.

BioVendor Research and Diagnostic Products

A developer and manufacturer of immunoassays, recombinant proteins, antibodies and miRNA products.

Biotecon Diagnostics

Biotecon Diagnostics PCR-based rapid detection kits for the food and beverage industry as well as for producers of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Candor Bioscience GmbH

Reagents for immunoassay development and optimisation.

Cisbio Bioassays logo

Cisbio Bioassays

Specialised RIA kitsfor Oncology and Endocrinology

Diasource Immunoassays one of Oxford Biosystems suppliers

DIAsource Immunoassays

Wide range of RIA-ELISA-LIA immunoassays with validation on a variety of automated analysers, specific antibodies and point of care tests

Epitope Diagnostics Inc is one of Oxford Biosystems suppliers

Epitope Diagnostics Inc

Niche ELISA kits and innovative rapid tests for Cardiovascular disease, Gastroenterology, Tumour markers and Infectious diseases.

Eurolyser Diagnostica GmbH

Small point of care analysers with a broad test portfolio, including CRP, D-dimer, PT (INR) and HbA1c.

Focus Diagnostics Inc

Specialised products for infectious disease serology.

Fujuirebio Diagnostics Inc

Biomarkers for diseases states, with a focus on Oncology.

IBL International GmbH

Over 1000 ELISA, RIA and LIA products in a broad range of in-vitro diagnostics for both research and routine testing.

Immundiagnostik AG is one of Oxford Biosystems suppliers

Immundiagnostik AG

Immunoassays (ELISA, RIA), HPLC & LCMS applications, molecular biology (PCR) and photometric assays for diagnostic and research applications.

Immunolab GmbH

ELISA kits and reagents for infectious diseases, food intolerance, allergy and autoimmunity. Highly sensitive ELISA kits and immunoaffinity columns for food analysis.

Kamiya Biomedical Company is one of Oxford Biosystems suppliers

Kamiya Biomedical Company

A broad range of liquid serum protein immunoassay reagents

Nal von Minden

NADAL® medical rapid tests represent a broad range of point of care devices for the diagnosis of pregnancy, diabetes, cancer, renal insufficiency, myocardial infarctions and a variety of infectious diseases.

Quansys Biosciences

Quansys produce multiplexed immunoassays and a high quality, low cost imaging system for chemiluminescent array imaging.

SD Biosensor

Innovative point of care products for a wide range of applications, including the Standard F analyser family, a next-generation random access fluorescent immunoassay system for infectious diseases, cardiac, hormone and tumour markers.

SSI Diagnostica

Diagnostic products for clinical microbiology, veterinary diagnostics, and reagents for food, environmental and hygiene control.

TestLine Clinical Diagnostics

ELISA and Immunoblot kits and reagents for Virology, Bacteriology, Autoimmune disease and Veterinary infections.


Real-time PCR and reverse hybridization IVD kits for inherited diseases, genetic predispositions, pharmacogenetics and oncology.

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