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    Cleaning verification and monitoring

EnSURE Touch from Hygiena

In today’s age, visually clean is no longer good enough! Hospitals need a scientific way to quantify cleaning. While many methods exist for evaluating cleanliness, ATP bioluminescence is the only method that combines quantitative data collection with scientific measurement and still delivers speedy results. Hygiena™ ATP cleaning verification quantifies your cleaning outcomes to help you reduce HAI and keep your staff and patients safe.

EnSURE™ Touch from HygienaEnSURE™ Touch is the next-generation cleaning verification and monitoring system. It collects, analyses, and reports data to help you prove the effectiveness of your facility cleaning and infection prevention programs. The EnSURE™ Touch is designed to adapt to your workplace and provides the data you need to optimise infection prevention and lower HAI rates.

SureTrend Cloud is an easy-to-use data analysis software that comes free with every EnSURE™ Touch. It enables users to monitor testing results and manage user access across multiple facilities, making risk management easier than ever.

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