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    Detection & analysis of specific T and B Cell reactions by enzymatic & fluorescent EliSpot assays.

    EliSpot  (Enzyme linked immunosorbent spot assay) & iSpot


EliSpot (Enzyme linked immunosorbent spot assay) was originally developed as a method to detect antibody secreting B cells. Later it was adapted to determine T cell reactions to specific antigens, usually reported as the number of activated cells per million. AID GmbH was one of the first companies to design and produce EliSpot readers and ready-to-use kits.

EliSpot (Enzyme linked immunosorbent spot assay)  System

The iSpot reader enables the analysis of both enzymatic and fluorescent based EliSpot assays. The iSpot reader comprises all the same functionality of the EliSpot Reader Classic, and in addition allows for up to 3 colour FluoroSpot analysis. The patented overlay-technology, FluoroAID, allows for detailed interpretation of double-expressing T-cells in every well.

Annual service agreements are available on request.

AID produces CE-marked 96 well plate assays and 12 x 8 well plate assays. All are provided as complete kits containing pre-coated wells, secondary antibody, conjugate and substrate.

Specific antigens are also available.

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