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    Food Pathogens and spoilage organisms

Food Pathogens

Detection of pathogens in food by traditional culture methods can take several days and may require the use of specialised media and typing antisera for accurate identification. New developments in molecular methods have led to an increasing number of validated products being readily available, and changes to food safety guidelines to incorporate these rapid and extremely sensitive methods.

BIOTECON Diagnostics

Pathogen product list

BIOTECON Diagnostics focuses on the development and production of innovative, rapid detection systems for pathogens, spoilage organisms, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and allergens by real-time PCR.

The foodproof® detection and quantification kits developed and produced by BIOTECON Diagnostics allow fast, simple and reliable detection of pathogens and spoilage organisms in a variety of samples including fruit juices, beer, chocolate, baby food, spices, meat, plants and dairy products. The high quality of foodproof®; products has repeatedly been validated and confirmed by independent institutes such as AOAC, Nordval and MicroVal.

The assays are based on real-time PCR, a simple and proven solution for the reliable detection of genetic information. The products are easy to use and results are generated within a few hours. Many of the kits are available in the LyoKit format with reagents pre-dispensed in a microtitre plate. Controls are included in each kit and false positive results are avoided by the use of Uracil-N-Glycosylase (UNG).

For nucleic acid extraction Biotecon offer optimized and validated foodproof® Sample Preparation Kits, compatible with every foodproof® real-time PCR kit. The kits are rapid and easy to use, and enable you to work efficiently with all types of sample matrices, including difficult complex samples.

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We offer a package of equipment, including thermocyclers, for customers wanting to set up a new molecular testing facility in their laboratory.

For labs with a high work throughput we offer automated systems for nucleic acid extraction from food and feed samples, and for subsequent PCR set up. The specific requirements of the laboratory are determined to select the most appropriate instrument for their needs.

foodproof kits are also available for

Please contact us for further details about specific products and instrumentation.

SSI Diagnostica typing antisera

Antisera from SSI Diagnostica are for in vitro use in human, veterinary and food laboratories. All antisera are produced in accordance with internationally recognised methods. All antisera are polyclonal and are produced by immunising rabbits with well-defined reference strains. For antisera, wherever practical, the reaction is made specific by absorption. All finished products are tested against a large number of strains.

For information on specific bacterial strains or additional antisera please contact us.

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