• Detection of Legionella in Water


    Detection of Legionella in Water

Detection of Legionella in Water

Environmental Legionella testing with Legionella PCR kitLegionellosis is caused by Legionella pneumophila and related Legionella bacteria. The severity of the infection varies from a mild febrile illness (Pontiac fever) to a potentially fatal form of pneumonia (Legionnaire’s disease). The main reservoir for Legionella is water and testing of aquatic environments for the presence of waterborne Legionella is implemented in many national standards across the world.

Traditional culture methods are widely used for the detection of Legionella in water samples but these methods are time consuming, often taking up to 2 weeks before a result can be reported. The BIOTECON microproof® Legionella Quantification LyoKit is a real-time Legionella PCR kit that provides a faster, easier and more precise alternative to culture methods as a Legionella rapid test for water.

Oxford Biosystems will provide full training and technical support, including the equipment required to perform this legionella PCR method. Please contact us for more information.

Legionella FAQ’s

Yes, the Biotecon microproof ® Legionella Lyokit will detect all Legionella species, and differentiate L. pneumophila and L. pneumophila serogroup 1.

From the filtration of the water sample to the end result is approximately 4 hours.

No, the test should be performed in a laboratory.

The test requires the standard laboratory equipment for any real-time PCR test. All items can be obtained from Oxford Biosystems – please contact us for further information.

Full training is provided by qualified staff on all equipment and for all stages of the test and result analysis.

Test results are reported in genomic units. Software is provided to enable the user to calculate the genomic units per sample size.

This test is validated in accordance to ISO 12869:2012

The use of Biotecon Reagent D prevents the detection of DNA from dead or damaged Legionella so the result relates only to the presence of the living Legionella in the water sample.

Not necessarily. Real-time PCR will detect VBNC cells that are not detected by ISO 11731 culture methods.

No, kits can be ordered by email sales@oxfordbiosystems.com or by phone 01235 431390

Following filtration, cells are rinsed off the filter and left intact. Samples may then be split for PCR processing and separate culturing protocols if desired.

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