Saliva has been used for many years as a biological fluid for the detection of different biomarkers such as electrolytes, hormones, drugs and antibodies. It offers advantages for clinicians, patients and researchers in terms of convenience and it is non-invasive and painless to collect.

Endocrinology - Saliva as a diagnostic matrix for hormone testingOur colleagues at IBL International GmbH, part of the Tecan Group, have produced a new educational book entitled Viva Saliva. The ultimate guide to saliva testing, Viva Saliva contains more than 100 graphics and tables, presenting a comprehensive investigation of saliva as a diagnostic matrix for measuring essential analytes, particularly hormone analysis.

The book starts with an informative guide on the nature of saliva and methodologies for obtaining accurate results, highlighting the advantages of using saliva as a diagnostic fluid over blood samples.

Individual chapters explore various steroid hormones including cortisol, estradiol, estriol, testosterone, progesterone, and DHEA.

Viva Saliva describes the individual roles of these hormones, their clinical relevance, and insights into ongoing research, including the crucial role of maintaining hormone balance for overall wellbeing.

Readers are empowered to grasp the distinct qualities of saliva as a diagnostic fluid and explore its potential applications in hormone analysis.

The evidence-based information in Viva Saliva will be of interest to a diverse set of readers:

  • Healthcare professionals, including endocrinologists, clinical laboratory scientists, and medical practitioners, will find invaluable insights into the diagnostic potential of saliva and its relevance in hormone-related conditions.
  • Researchers and academics engaged in the field of endocrinology and biomedical sciences, who will appreciate the evidence-based information and ongoing research highlighted in the book.
  • Individuals seeking a deeper comprehension of their hormonal health, whether for personal health management or educational purposes, will benefit significantly from the scientific expertise and practical knowledge offered in this book.

For further information on Saliva testing visit the IBL Tecan website.

Copies of Viva Saliva are available from Oxford Biosystems for our customers in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Please contact us for more information on the subject of saliva testing and Tecan IBL products.