Unique, patented, rapid test combats Antibiotic resistance

A revolutionary new rapid test to support clinicians in countering the threat of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) has been developed by the international biotechnology company Master Diagnostica and is being exclusively supplied in the UK through Oxford Biosystems.

Oxford Biosystems fully supports the focus on antibiotic stewardship, the points raised in the 2016 O’Neill report  and the UK 5 year Antimicrobial Resistance strategy . A special supplement focusing on the threat of antimicrobial resistance will be published with The Guardian newspaper on Friday 18th November 2016, appropriately the date of European Antibiotics Awareness Day.

The challenge for clinicians has been that a critically ill patient admitted to hospital should be administered antibiotics as soon as possible to stabilize their condition. However, if the bacteria concerned are resistant to the antibiotics prescribed, the infection may intensify with serious and possibly fatal results.

Traditionally bacteria from a patient sample are cultured in the laboratory in order for identification and antibiotic susceptibility to be assessed, a procedure that can take from two to five days. During this time, the patient’s condition could seriously deteriorate if the antibiotics are not effective.

The AMR Direct Flow Chip dramatically cuts the time required to identify antibiotic resistance in pathogens found in human samples. In a matter of hours, the genes responsible for specific antimicrobial resistance can be accurately identified allowing the patients treatment to be adapted accordingly. As well as blood samples, the test can be used with rectal, perianal and perineal swabs, stool samples, nasal and pharyngeal aspirates and wound exudates.

This product has a number of major potential healthcare benefits:

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