FGF2-STAB is a stabilised growth factor that offers a novel way to grow FGF2-dependant cell cultures more efficiently with fewer media changes. FGF2-STAB retains full biological activity even after 5 days at 37°C. This stability allows for a more homogenous, undifferentiated stem cell culture, while saving researchers valuable time and money because repeated supplementation of FGF2 and daily media changes are not required.

FGF2 is a pleiotropic regulator of proliferation, differentiation, migration and survival in a variety of cell types. It is an essential component of media for the cultivation of pluripotent stem cells because it helps to maintain the pluripotent state, making the cells valuable for studying embryogenesis, for drug discovery, and for cell based therapies.

Research shows that FGF2 plays an important role in wound healing, diabetic foot ulcer treatment, periodontal regeneration, bone regrowth, cancer treatment, cardioprotection, neuroprotection and treatment of mood disorders. It has been shown to increase skin elasticity and hydration, to decrease the depth of wrinkles and pigmentation, and to promote hair growth.

Manufactured by Enantis s.r.o in the Czech Republic, this product (international patent pending) is distributed by the BioVendor group of companies.