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About Oxford Biosystems


BioVendorThis division within the BioVendor Group of companies is an internationally active biotechnology company with its own research, development and manufacturing facilities as well as an international sales and marketing network. It specialises in the development of original immunoassay kits for the detection of novel hormone-like proteins and protein biomarkers as well as related antibodies and recombinant proteins.

The R&D team are also focusing on novel topics known to be of great interest among the scientific and diagnostic community – microRNA biomarkers, liquid biopsy, exosome isolation, and immunodiagnostic multiplexing and automation.

More information about the company and specific products can be found at www.biovendor.com or by clicking on one of the links below. Or contact us directly to discuss your individual requirements.


BioVendor produces a wide range of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies.

Monoclonal antibodies are prepared using hybridoma technology. Selected hybridoma cells are cloned and the antibodies obtained are then protein-G purified.

Polyclonal antibodies are prepared by immunizing experimental animals using optimized immunization protocols and the resultant antibodies are then purified on antigen-immobilized columns.



BioVendor's use of modern recombinant protein technologies has overcome many production limitations and enabled the preparation of a wide range of proteins.

Production methods employing bacterial and mammalian cell expression systems, BioVendor produces a wide range of HEK293 cell-expressed recombinant proteins, E.coli-expressed recombinant proteins and also a range of isolated natural proteins.

All BioVendor proteins are shipped as lyophilized materials and no antimicrobial agents or inert carrier proteins are added.



BioVendor develops immunoassays for the detection of newly identified protein markers in samples of human or animal origin. Many of their products are unique to the market and the development of new kits is targeted to research groups within the international scientific community as well as to clinical laboratory applications.

BioVendor's use of modern immunoassay formats has enabled high assay sensitivity, with an emphasis on superior analytical characteristics and user-friendly kit performance.

BioVendor’s PENTASET range of ELISA development kits are designed for those who prefer kits enabling both customer modification of the immunoassay and cost effective measurement of a large specimen cohort.


Liquid Biopsy Analysis

The MetaCell® kit is intended for a simple separation of circulating rare cells from peripheral blood (or other body fluids). MetaCell® technology uses a size-based separation principle and as a result of the gentle flow of blood during the separation process, the enriched cells are in a very good viable condition. It is therefore possible to prepare a short-term (up to 5-7 days) in vitro culture of the enriched cells on a standard separation polycarbonate membrane.

The following cell types may be enriched: circulating tumor cells (CTCs), disseminated tumor cells (DTCs), circulating tumor microemboli (CTM) and circulating endometrial cells (CECs).

The separation procedures are designed to enhance prognosis and a patient’s response to treatment can be assessed by confirming the presence of circulating rare cells.


miREIA is a novel, immunoassay-based method of miRNA quantification which involves hybridisation of miRNA isolated from a patient sample to complementary biotinylated DNA oligonucleotide probe. The DNA/RNA hybrids are then captured by a microtiter plate-immobilized monoclonal antibody specific to perfectly matched DNA/miRNA hybrids. The next steps in the assay procedure follow standard ELISA protocols and the assay can be run on common immunoassay equipment. The method is compatible with standard clinical workflow, does not require amplification steps and results are obtained in less than three hours, including miRNA profiling.


BioVendor Instruments

BioVendor Instruments is involved in research & development related to automation and optimization of processes in microbiological laboratories. Current projects include

Automated Colony

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