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Standard F Fluorescent Immunoassay System

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Mouse & Rat Multiplexed ELISA Kits

QUANSYS Q-Plex™ Array Technology

The Q-Plex™ Array technology is a fully quantitative multiplex ELISA capable of measuring up to 25 distinct analytes per well. Standard kits are available for the measurement of cytokines, chemokines, hormones and other common disease indicating proteins. Multiplex ELISA arrays maximise data generation from each sample and provide a low cost per data point.

Human Multiplexed Array Kits

Human Multiplexed ELISA Kits

Q-Plex™ Arrays are multiplexed ELISAs containing distinct capture antibodies printed in each well of a 96-well plate. This allows for concurrent measurement of all the analytes in the panel.

Custom kits are available on request - please enquire

Mouse & Rat Multiplexed Array Kits

Mouse and Rat Multiplex Q-Plex<sup>TM</sup> Arrays kitThe Q-PlexTM Mouse and Rat Cytokine arrays are fully quantitative ELISA-based tests where up to 16 distinct capture antibodies have been bound to each well of a 96-well plate in a defined array. Using less than 50 μl of sample per well, up to 80 samples can be assayed for all 16 markers in less than 2.5 hours.

Human, Mouse & Rat Singleplex Array Kits

Q-Plex Singleplex assaysQ-Plex Singleplex assays are achieved by placing two spots consisting of capture antibodies in a defined array to the bottom of each well of a 96-well plate. Along with the assay spots, there is one positive control spot for assuring proper assay procedure and for software overlay placement. The array design of the singleplex kit, allows the user to have intra-well replicates for additional statistical data. Using less than 50 μl of sample per well, up to 80 samples can be assayed for a single assay within 2.5 hours.

Singleplex Benefits

Q - View™ Imager Pro

Q-View is a high resolution chemiluminescence imagerThe Q-View Imager Pro is a high resolution chemiluminescence imager for microplates with automation compatibility. Its cooled high quantum efficiency sensor and clinical-grade optics are paired with advanced image acquisition algorithms which combine to reduce noise and maximize sensitivity. The full feature set of the Q-View Imager Pro provides high sensitivity, high throughput data to save you even more time, sample, and money.

Q - View™ Imager LS

Q-View Imager LSThe Q-View Imager LS is a high quality, low-cost chemiluminescent imager. The Q-View Imager LS is designed to supports 96-well plate based chemiluminescent imaging, including Q-Plex™ Arrays and chemiluminescent Western blot imaging.

Q - View™ Software

Q-View™ SoftwareQ-View™ Software is a powerful tool for quantitative analysis of Q-Plex™ Arrays and other chemiluminescent or IR based assays. This software program acquires, views, and analyzes microplate images. The software is optimized for use with Q-View™ Imagers, and also works well with a variety of other imaging systems.

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