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Orion GenRead®

Orion GenRead is a flexible benchtop solution including a small instrument and ready to use kits. It is intended for rapid detection of pathogens, offering a fast and accurate alternative for nucleic acid testing in various laboratory settings. Orion GenRead is based on Orion Diagnostica’s proprietary isothermal nucleic acid amplification technology, SIBA® (Strand Invasion Based Amplification)

SIBA® (Strand Invasion Based Amplification)

Isothermal nucleic acid amplification technologies offer significant advantages over polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in that they do not require thermal cycling or sophisticated laboratory equipment. However, non-target-dependent amplification has limited the sensitivity of isothermal technologies and complex probes are usually required to distinguish between non-specific and target-dependent amplification.

SIBA technology is able to detect a single molecule of the target analyte, and does not require target-specific probes. The technology relies on the recombinase-dependent insertion of an invasion oligonucleotide into the double-stranded target nucleic acid. The technology is resistant to non-specific amplification and is highly specific and able to distinguish closely-related species with single molecule sensitivity in the absence of complex probes or sophisticated laboratory equipment.

A scientific article on SIBA technology was published online in Plos One on 25 November 2014.

Strand Invasion Based Amplification (SIBA®): A Novel Isothermal DNA Amplification Technology Demonstrating High Specificity and Sensitivity for a Single Molecule of Target Analyte.

GenRead® Instrument

Orion GenRead Instrument

The Orion GenRead Instrument is a small bench top instrument for amplification and detection of nucleic acids. The self-contained instrument is used together with Orion GenRead reagent kits for rapid detection of various pathogens and is suitable for use in laboratories of various sizes. Orion GenRead Instrument’s intuitive user interface provides an appealing user experience which combines reliability with ease of use for daily routines.

To enable efficient use of working time, the patient data can be entered during the measurement and the result – positive or negative – of each test is displayed on the instrument as soon as it is ready. The number of tests per run is adjustable from one to twelve, meeting the requirements of laboratories of various sizes.

Orion GenRead Instrument allows a bi-directional connection to HIS/LIS systems without external PC ensuring simple and reliable transmission of patient data.

GenRead® C. difficile

Orion GenRead C. difficile is a molecular test intended for detection of toxinogenic Clostridium difficile from faecal samples from patients suspected of having C. difficile infection (CDI).

Orion GenRead C. difficile is a ready-to-use kit which offers its users fast and accurate results. Performing the test requires neither special facilities nor expertise in molecular diagnostics. The simple test procedure includes only a few hands-on steps and can be performed directly from faeces.

An internal control DNA ensures reliable results by monitoring amplification success, reagent integrity and potential inhibitors. The amplification and detection of target DNA takes place in the Orion GenRead Instrument which is HIS/LIS connectable.

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