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Should you update your EliSpot system?

AID EliSpot systems are advancing all the time and everybody knows that with new technologies come updates necessary to drive them. The same can be said...

New cost effective Chlamydia serology test

Testline add to their range of Chlamydia serology products...

Urinary Antigen Testing

Pneumonia is a common illness affecting approximately 450 million people a year and occurring in all parts of the world. It is a major cause of death among...



Oxford Biosystems has an extensive range of products and technologies to offer a microbiology laboratory, from a variety of manufacturers.

The increasing global threat from Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) means that it is important to not only identify the pathogen causing infection, but also to demonstrate active antimicrobial stewardship and limit the spread of resistant pathogens. Our product range now includes innovative products enabling the identification of specific resistance genes using cost effective molecular techniques.

New developments and technologies are increasing the amount of products available in the market for the detection of pathogens. Serological tests remain important however to confirm diagnosis, for epidemiological information, and to detect reinfection or reactivation of infection. We have an extensive range of serological kits from a variety of manufacturers.


The need to process samples quickly and report rapid results, has led to the development of tests and automated systems designed for point of care testing.


We also supply specific antisera and purified proteins from a variety of well known, reputable international manufacturers. Please use the search facility or enquire directly.

SSI Diagnostica Bacterial Identification Kits and Reagents

SSI Diagnostica produces a wide range of products complying with the highest standards of quality and supported by highly qualified product specialists and scientific consultants.

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Master Diagnostica DNA Flow Technology

Master Diagnostica DNA Flow Technology provides the platform for rapid analyses in membrane-based reverse dot blot hybridization processes. DNA target molecules are directed to complementary capture probes immobilised in the matrix pores. The reaction between the target DNA and probes in a three-dimensional environment results in a high signal intensity in a very short period of time.

Reduced reagent volumes and processing time result in an economical alternative to multiplex molecular diagnostics.


genetrac Real Time PCR Kits

genetrac is part of the BioVendor group of companies and has developed a wide range of real time PCR kits based on hot start technology to minimise any non-specific reactions. All kits contain reagents for 25 tests with UDG (uracil-DNA –glycosidase) to remove the potential for false positives due to cross contamination, and include positive controls. An internal control is present in the Master Mix reagent to detect PCR inhibition.

The Magnetic Induction Cycler is a compact rotary based 48-well qPCR instrument that applies magnetic induction to achieve heating and forced airflow for cooling. Utilising a patented technology, MIC is an excellent companion to genetrac PCR kits.

BioVendor MALDI Colonyst®

The BioVendor MALDI Colonyst® is an award winning intelligent robot for colony picking and MALDI target preparation. It is now available connected to a feeder module for automated petri dish handling.

More information about how the Colonyst® can save you time and money, and improve your MALDI identification scores is available on the Colonyst® website.

Contact us directly to discuss the benefits you will see by using the Colonyst®

AID Diagnostika Reverse Hybridisation kits

AID molecular diagnostic kits are based on the reverse hybridisation of DNA. The Genoblot kits are easy to use and provide reliable and reproducible results within 4 hours.

A range of kits is available including Community Acquired Pneumonia (CAP), Peridontitis, Carbapenamase resistance and Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR TB), please click here to download.

Epitope Rapid Test Kits

An innovative closed test platform for faecal samples detecting:

Alifax Automated Systems for Bacteriology

Alifax manufacture fully automated systems for rapid bacterial culture, residual antimicrobial activity, susceptibility testing and petri dish streaking, providing fast and reliable results, method standardization, sample traceability and easy to use instrumentation.


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