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Orion Diagnostica announce a change to their company name!

Orion Diagnostica are manufacturers of the UniQ product range, including the PIIINP RIA kit, and the microbiology products Hygicult, Uricult, Easicult...

Influenza – Rapid Diagnosis Improves Clinical Management

Influenza is an acute viral infection of the respiratory tract that can cause...

Standard F Fluorescent Immunoassay System

A new rapid, easy-to-use diagnostics platform for point of care use…



As workloads increase and Quality Control requirements are emphasised, it becomes more important to investigate the options available to automate laboratory tests.

Oxford Biosystems works with a number of suppliers to provide automated solutions for the busy modern laboratory. Some of these instruments are highlighted below. We encourage you to contact us directly to discuss your specific requirements.



Alifax automated ESR analysers in a range of sizes to suit your workload.

Random Access Point of Care


Standard F100

Portable, hand held, battery-operated fluorescent immunoassay system with Bluetooth connectivity.


Standard F200

Compact benchtop fluorescent immunoassay system for automated single tests or high throughput read-only mode.


Standard F2400

Fast and convenient random access fluorescent immunoassay system for up to 70 tests per hour with LIS/HIS connectivity.

Infectious Disease and Autoimmune serology





Automated 2 and 4 plate ELISA processors.

Neptune Immunoblot instrument



Automate immunoblot processing and result analysis.

Microarray Reader



Quantitative and qualitative analysis of multiplex assays.

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