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Standard F Fluorescent Immunoassay System

A new rapid, easy-to-use diagnostics platform for point of care use…

Oxford Biosystems launches Legionella Water test breakthrough at WMSoc Conference

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Veterinary Products

Veterinary Products

Oxford Biosystems can provide an interesting selection of ELISA and PCR products for the investigation of infectious diseases in fish and mammals. We also supply an extensive selection of ELISA and EliSpot kits for the measurement of specific biomarkers in animals.

Testline ELISA kits

Testline, part of the BioVendor group, develop and produce ELISA kits for the determination of specific antibodies or antigens in biological samples of animals. The development and production of these kits is carried out in cooperation with the Veterinary Research Institute in Brno.

Testline ELISA kits

Tetracore VetAlert™

Tetracore is a biotechnology research and development organisation based in Rockville, Maryland USA. They produce a range of highly innovative diagnostic reagents, assays and instruments for the detection of infectious diseases and bioterrorism threat agents. The Tetracore VetAlert™ product line of real-time PCR kits for sensitive and specific detection of animal pathogens is now available.

The T-COR 8™ is a portable, real-time PCR instrument for the detection of high impact veterinary diseases and can be operated in the laboratory or in the field. (Image of Tcor 8 beside the bullet points)


Tetracore VetAlert reagents are available for the investigation of

Veterinary research products

We supply Mabtech EliSpot kits and an extensive range of products from various manufacturers including ELISA kits, antibodies and purified proteins for the veterinary research market.

Please use the search facility to look for the specific product you require or contact us directly.

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