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Hygiene Testing

Hygiene Testing

The Food Standards Agency defines a food hazard as “a food incident involving a biological, chemical or physical agent in, or condition of, food with the potential to cause an adverse effect on the health or safety of consumers.” To ensure compliance with food hygiene best practice, accurate and regular hygiene tests are essential. Hygiene tests that are easy to perform, either on or off site, are invaluable to health & safety management.

Hygiene test questions answered

The Orion Diagnostica hygiene monitoring tests can provide laboratories, industry and authorities with an on-site means of detecting contamination by micro-organisms or protein residues. These hygiene tests enable monitoring the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection procedures at sites with strict food hygiene best practice requirements.

There is a wide variety of hygiene test questions that Orion Diagnostica answers in its Hygicult® FAQs. These include a useful comparison with the ATP food test, advising that Hygicult is more suitable for environmental hygiene analysis whenever the number of living bacteria is required. The fact that Hygicult contact slides can be an excellent transport medium for samples that need to be taken to a microbiology lab is also confirmed.

Oxford Biosystems is committed to supplying high quality hygiene tests to help minimise the ever present risk of contamination in food. The following products are exceptionally effective in hygiene monitoring.


Hygicult is an agar slide method designed to allow reliable, economical and time-saving on-site microbial hygiene monitoring. The slide is inoculated by direct contact with the surface to be tested, swabbing or dipping into a fluid. After incubation the density of microbial growth is compared visually with a model chart provided in the kit. If further testing of the organism(s) is required the slide can be resealed in the vial and transported safely to the laboratory.

Hygicult dip slide culture test

Hygicult TPC
For general hygiene status. Total bacteria as well as yeasts and moulds
Hygicult E
For detection of Enterobacteriaceae
Hygicult E&B-GUR
(2 media) For Enterobacteriaceae and β-glucuronidase positive organisms
Hygicult Y&F
For detection of yeasts and moulds
Hygicult CF
For detection of coliform bacteria

Clean Card® PRO

The Orion Clean Card® PRO will detect protein residues on a surface within seconds with an easy-to-interpret result, giving you total confidence to continue working without fear of contamination issues.

Clean Card PRO Method

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