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Influenza – Rapid Diagnosis Improves Clinical Management

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Standard F Fluorescent Immunoassay System

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Autoimmune serology tests

Autoimmune Diagnostics

ImmunologyAutoimmune diseases are chronic inflammatory processes with indeterminate aetiology, a system of immune responses of an individual against its own healthy cells and tissues. They may be either organ-specific or systemic in nature. Since testing began in the mid 1900’s using Hep-2 cells and tissue sections to detect anti-nuclear antibodies, more than 100 different antibodies have been identified by immunofluorescence and specific immunoassays.

Immunoassay Kits

Oxford Biosystems is able to supply a wide range of ELISA and RIA kits from several manufacturers including IBL, TestLine and Diasource to aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of autoimmune disease.

The comprehensive range from IBL International offers ELISA kits corresponding to the following diseases:

Immunoblot Kits

The DIASPOT range of kits from Diasource employs the immunodot technique which is based on ELISA technology. Nitrocellulose strips enable the detection of up to 12 specific antibodies in a single test and colour-coded reagents are provided ready to use.

The new DIASPOT MULTIQUANT kits are microarrays enabling up to 25 auto-antibodies to be detected and quantified per strip.

The DIASPOT assays can be fully automated in 45 min with the Diasource Neptune Instrument and the Neptune Quantification software will provide quantitative results and assay validation.

DIASPOT kits are ideal for confirming ELISA screening tests, or for running small to medium size workloads.

More information about the kits is available on the Diasource website

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