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Standard F Fluorescent Immunoassay System

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Meat Species Identification test

Meat Species Identification

Traceability and the identification of animal species is an important issue for consumers and retailers. A meat species identification test protects product purity and controls against fraud through the verification of the animal species used in meat products.

BIOTECON Diagnostics focuses on the development and production of innovative, rapid detection systems for pathogens, spoilage organisms, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), meat species identification and allergens by real-time PCR.

BIOTECON foodproof® Animal Identification kits

The Biotecon foodproof® SL animal identification kits provide increased precision in differentiating closely related species, as well as identifying intentional and accidental adulterants and contaminants.

Real-time PCR Kits are available for identification and differentiation of the following species in food, raw and heated meat, animal feed and animal products:

Biotecon foodproof ® Porcine and Animal LyoKits

Biotecon LyoKits provide a ready-to-use PCR master mix is a convenient, lyophilized solution that allows you to amplify DNA templates with minimal effort and maximum ease. Simply reconstitute the mix by adding 25 µl sample DNA.


The foodproof ® Porcine Detection LyoKit enables the qualitative detection of porcine DNA even in highly processed foods. Species identification provides quality control of meat, cross-check of gelatin products and confectionery. Exclusion of swine DNA or identification of the species is relevant for survey of vegetarian and vegan products and for halal food.

The new LyoKit has a very high sensitivity.

The foodproof ® Animal Detection 1 LyoKit allows the identification of porcine, bovine, equine in a single multiplex assay. The use of melting curve analysis allows for the identification of horse, donkey and zebra in the same test.

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