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Stable Fibroblast Growth Factor 2

FGF2-STAB is a stabilised growth factor that offers a novel way to grow FGF2-dependant cell cultures more efficiently with fewer media changes. FGF2-STAB retains full biological activity even after 5 days at 37°C. This stability allows for a more homogenous, undifferentiated stem cell culture, while saving researchers valuable time and money because repeated supplementation of FGF2 and daily media changes are not required.

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Chronic Kidney Disease

It is a well-known fact that bone is affected by chronic kidney disease (CKD). New data about the role of bone in CKD on fundamental biological pathways seems to point to the skeleton as an active inducer of pathology as a deregulated endocrine gland in kidney disease.

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Alcohol Related Liver Disease Testing

You will probably have noticed the amount of media coverage currently being given to problems associated with excessive drinking, whether it is a reality TV program, government advertising campaigns or warnings by the drinks manufacturers. The department of health is right to be concerned…

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