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Should you update your EliSpot system?

AID EliSpot systems are advancing all the time and everybody knows that with new technologies come updates necessary to drive them. The same can be said...

New cost effective Chlamydia serology test

Testline add to their range of Chlamydia serology products...

Urinary Antigen Testing

Pneumonia is a common illness affecting approximately 450 million people a year and occurring in all parts of the world. It is a major cause of death among...



As workloads increase and Quality Control requirements are emphasised, it becomes more important to investigate the options available to automate laboratory tests.

Oxford Biosystems works with a number of suppliers to provide automated solutions for the busy modern laboratory. Some of these instruments are highlighted below. We encourage you to contact us directly to discuss your specific requirements.



Alifax automated ESR analysers in a range of sizes to suit your workload.

test 1

Diatron automated blood cell counter, compact and easy to use.

Infectious Disease and Autoimmune serology





Automated 2 and 4 plate ELISA processors.

Neptune Immunoblot instrument



Automate immunoblot processing and result analysis.

Microarray Reader



Quantitative and qualitative analysis of multiplex assays.


Robotic colony picking and sample preparation for Maldi tof analysis.

Maldi Colonyst

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