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First described in 1993, the small regulatory molecules called microRNA or miRNA and other short non-coding RNA sequences (sncRNA) have become emerging biomarkers for research in all fields of medical and biological sciences. Research into these highly abundant RNAs revealed their crucial involvement in the orchestration of all molecular signalling pathways (p53, Wnt, FAS and others). The ability of miRNAs to immediately respond to pathological processes, like tumorigenesis or inflammation, together with their stability in biofluids predetermine them to be specific and sensitive biomarkers for a wide range of diseases.

BioVendor offers a complete solution for your miRNA project



miRNA/sncRNA Isolation kits

BioVendor kits are designed for the purification of small and large RNAs, including miRNA. Validated for use with a variety of samples including plasma, serum, cultured cells, or tissues and FFPE specimens, these kits are ideal for use with BioVendor miRNA products.




miRNA Screening panels

There are thousands of short non-coding regulatory RNA molecules with diverse functions and roles. Identify those most related to your project may be very challenging so our screening panels are closely focused on crucial pathological and signalling pathways-related miRNAs (Wnt, EGFR, p53 and others). All assays include internal and synthetic controls and provide a complete and precise solution for miRNA level measurements.




miRNA/sncRNA Quantification Assays

Two-Tailed RT-qPCR

Patented Two-Tailed RT-qPCR technology with a unique mechanism of RT-primers to provide superior performance with excellent specificity in comparison to other methods. Instead of using a single binding probe, Two-tailed PCR uses two hemiprobes, which bind to different stretches of the microRNA, that are connected by a folded tether. Whilst each hemiprobe is too short to bind the microRNA, when both hemiprobes are complementary they bind cooperatively. Binding is exceedingly specific, as a mismatch is much more profound in a short hemiprobe.

Two-Tailed RT-qPCR is standardised for miRNA and piRNA total quantification.

Patented Two-Tailed RT-qPCR

Two-Tailed RT-qPCR is standardised for miRNA and piRNA total quantification.




miREIA -miRNA enzyme immunoassay

miREIA is a novel, immunoassay-based method of miRNA quantification which involves the hybridisation of miRNA isolated from a patient sample to complementary biotinylated DNA oligonucleotide probe. The DNA/RNA hybrids are then captured by a microtiter plate-immobilised monoclonal antibody specific to perfectly matched DNA/miRNA hybrids. Development follows standard ELISA protocols.

miREIA -miRNA enzyme immunoassay

MicroRNA Enzyme ImmunoAssay - miREIA

The assay can be run on generic immunoassay equipment, does not require amplification steps and results are obtained in less than three hours including miRNA profiling.





MiRXES assays are designed in silico using proprietary 30-parameter thermodynamics-based algorithms and are extensively validated using both synthetic miRNAs and RNA from biological samples. Users can select from a growing library of validated human, mouse, rat, and viral miRNA assays.




miRNA Diagnostics

BioVendor offers specific technologies based on patented RT-qPCR for sensitive detection and quantification of miRNA molecules. The technologies use multiplex detection format already used in life sciences research and clinical diagnostic applications.


HB miRDx™ BKV Kit – CE IVD

The BK virus is a major cause of lethal loss of function in patients with renal transplants

The BK virus is a major cause of lethal loss of function in patients with renal transplants, and early diagnosis is crucial. Generally, BK virus nephropathy can be confirmed at around 12 months after renal transplantation, and regular monitoring for the BK virus after transplantation is necessary. The viral infection site is localised in the transplanted kidney and there is a high probability that it is not detected in a biopsy, and serum PCR can test positive without an infection.

The HB miRDx™ BKV Kit is a Reverse Transcription Real-Time PCR assay that can detect the miRNA biomarker bkv-miR-B1-5p in the patient’s urine, which is abundantly expressed by the BK virus in infected patients with kidney transplants and thus has a higher diagnostic efficiency, with high sensitivity and specificity






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