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Description   Product Code Manufacturer No. of Tests Format Species Action
Aflatoxin (total) Immunoaffinity column AFB-A01 Immunolab 10 Affinity column Enquire
Aflatoxin B1 ELISA kit AB1-E01 Immunolab 96 ELISA Enquire
Aflatoxin B1 Immunoaffinity column AB1-A01 Immunolab 10 Affinity column Enquire
Aflatoxin M1 ELISA kit AM1-E01 Immunolab 96 ELISA Enquire
Allergen RM 800 Reference Material A50013 Biotecon PCR Enquire
Almond Allergen ELISA kit ALM-E01 Immunolab 96 ELISA Enquire
Almond Allergen Spike solution 1000ppm ALM-S01 Immunolab Antigen Enquire
Beta-Lactoglobulin Allergen ELISA kit BLG-E01 Immunolab 96 ELISA Enquire
Beta-Lactoglobulin Allergen Spike solution 10000ppb BLG-S01 Immunolab Antigen Enquire
Casein Allergen ELISA kit CAS-E01 Immunolab 96 ELISA Enquire
Casein Allergen Spike solution 1000ppm CAS-S01 Immunolab Antigen Enquire
Cashew Allergen ELISA kit CAW-E01 Immunolab 96 ELISA Enquire
Cashew Allergen Spike solution 1000ppm CAW-S01 Immunolab Antigen Enquire
Celery Allergen ELISA kit CEL-E01 Immunolab 96 ELISA Enquire
Chloramphenicol ELISA kit CAP-E02 Immunolab 96 ELISA Enquire
Clean Cards 133148 Orion 25 Chemical (wipe) test Enquire
Clean Cards 133149 Orion 50 Chemical (wipe) test Enquire
Coconut Allergen Spike solution 1000ppm CON-S01 Immunolab Antigen Enquire
Crustaceans (Tropomyosin) Allergen ELISA kit CRU-E01 Immunolab 96 ELISA Enquire
Deoxynivalenol (DON) ELISA kit DON-E01 Immunolab 96 ELISA Enquire
Deoxynivalenol (DON) RAPID kit DON-E03 Immunolab 96 ELISA Enquire
E. coli Antiserum K9 for slide agglutination 84888 SSI 1 mL vial Enquire
E. coli Antiserum O1 84997 SSI 1 mL vial Antiserum Enquire
E. coli Antiserum O10 85006 SSI 1 mL vial Antiserum Enquire
E. coli Antiserum O100 85094 SSI 1 mL vial Antiserum Enquire
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